• Fire Safety at Home…

    29th November, 2018 | by John Beal
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    With the recent news about the bushfires happening in Queensland lately, we figured doing a reminder blog for everyone to make sure they keep their fire safety knowledge updated, incase you are ever situated in this position. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families that have lost during these devasting bushfires. First… Read more »

  • JBRE Mag October 2018

    19th November, 2018 | by John Beal


  • A Ticking Time Bomb in your Rental Property

    15th November, 2018 | by John Beal
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    Professional property managers don’t just collect the rent. A good property manager needs to be well trained in current legislation also. In addition, our duty of care extends to advising our landlords of potential threats or risks associated with their rental property. We have seen an increase in the number the flexible braided hoses now… Read more »