• Plan Your Finances to Buy a House in 2019

    31st January, 2019 | by John Beal
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    Buying your very first home is a grand step in life, and it’s perhaps one of the most financially-confusing and challenging tasks for an aspiring homeowner. There is no denying that the Australian housing market is not cheap, and that if you are to procure a home in this economy while staying solvent and maintaining… Read more »

  • Top 3 Tips To Prepare For Real Estate Photos

    24th January, 2019 | by John Beal
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    High quality photos have become an integral part of marketing your home when selling. When searching for a property, almost all buyers will turn to the internet to find their next home, with buyers perusing many listings before making their final decision. Excellent photos are a critical part of quality marketing and will strongly influence… Read more »

  • What’s ahead for the Brisbane property market in 2019 ?

    17th January, 2019 | by John Beal
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    While many of Australia’s property markets have been experiencing falling property values over the last year the Brisbane market has remained relatively steady. But many are forecasting Brisbane to be one of the strongest property markets over the next few years, including Trent Wiltshire – economist at Domain and author of  their Property Price Forecast report who Brisbane… Read more »

  • The Power Of A Floor Plan

    10th January, 2019 | by John Beal
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    One of the most effective sales tools and one that is highly sought after by buyers is a floor plan of your property. What is a floor plan?  A floor plan is a drawing to scale that shows a room as seen from above.  It shows the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features… Read more »

  • 5 Steps to selling your property

    3rd January, 2019 | by John Beal
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    Despite most areas in Australia experiencing a decline in property values over the past year, the Brisbane property market has remained somewhat stable, and even experiencing reasonable price growth in a number of suburbs. Property values for both houses and units are likely to grow in 2019 with new construction in decline, population growth and… Read more »