• 5 Things To Consider When Renting Your Family Home

    28th February, 2019 | by John Beal
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    1. Does it make sense financially? Start by preparing a detailed budget, your budget should account for all income and expenses associated with renting out your home, together with the costs associated to renting or buying your ‘new’ home. Items to consider can include but not limited to – Landlord and Building Insurance, Rates and… Read more »

  • Understanding Stamp Duty

    21st February, 2019 | by John Beal
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    A major up front cost that you have to consider when buying a house is stamp duty.  What is it and why do you need to pay it?​ Purchasing a new home is the largest transaction that most people will make and the sums involved mean that the amount of stamp duty payable can be… Read more »

  • What To Compromise On And What Not To When Buying

    14th February, 2019 | by John Beal
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    If you are anything like most buyers, you’ll undoubtedly have a wish list for your new home that’s pages long…but few of us have a bottomless pit of money to fund our long wish list and we’re therefore forced to make some compromises when buying.  Compromise is necessary in nearly every purchase, so working out… Read more »

  • Tips for first time property-investors

    7th February, 2019 | by John Beal
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    Many people assume property investors are rich and carefree. This is far from true, especially for the first-time investor. First time investors are simply everyday people striving to create a better future for themselves and their families. They aim to buy property, rent it out in the hope that one day, with smart management and… Read more »