A Ticking Time Bomb in your Rental Property

Professional property managers don’t just collect the rent. A good property manager needs to be well trained in current legislation also. In addition, our duty of care extends to advising our landlords of potential threats or risks associated with their rental property.

We have seen an increase in the number the flexible braided hoses now commonly used under mixer taps. More rental properties now have flick mixer type taps in kitchens, vanity basins and showers. Flick mixers shut the water of faster than the old spindle taps that required a couple of turns and slowly shut the water off. Because mixer taps stop the water flow suddenly, they often cause water hammer. That bang in the pipes you hear, also typical on washing machines. To alleviate the problem, and along with their ease of installation. Flexible braided pipes have become common place.

The problem is they only last about 5-10 years. The taps don’t have to be in use for them to fail. Remember they are constantly under mains pressure and can burst in the middle of the night or while your away at work. Imagine coming home to your rental property to find it completely flooded out. They can cause tens of thousands of dollars damage in as little as 90 minutes. If a 12mm pipe releases 11 liters per minute unrestricted. It has flooded 1,000 liters into the property I an hour and a half. That’s enough bring down the ground floor ceiling, in a two-story home.

If this happens in your rental property as a landlord, then its not only the cost of repairs, you also would be liable for providing alternate accommodation for your tenants during repairs. This can extend for 3-6 weeks at times when drying of the walls must be completed before relining.

20% of water damage insurance claims are caused by these rubber lined pipes, braided with stainless steel wire. They are used because their flexibility of installation under sinks, making a plumber’s job much easier.

Research from one leading insurance company drawing on 15,000 escape of water claims in 12 months, showed they are a ticking time bomb under your sink.

Our property management departments started noticing an increase in these flooding instances about 5 years ago and now some plumbers are attending to 3-4 of these jobs per week.

Flexy hose pipes have a limited life span. The older they get, the higher the inevitability the pipe will burst. Most insurance claims are coming from rental properties that are 10 to 30 years old.

Years ago, solid copper piping was used, and this lasted much longer. Today flexy hoses come with ten-year warranties.  However, many installations in the past only had 5-year warranties.

As part of your ongoing rental property maintenance program, look for signs of wear and tear. Also fraying and corrosion. The instance of corrosion can occur even faster when household chemicals are stored under the sink. They all should be inspected within that warranty time.

We are proud of our property management department’s success and articles like this are part of our ongoing commitment to providing value added services to our landlords whose properties we manage.  

If you or your friends are ever looking for the best property manager in Brisbane, and the Morton bay regions, we would be thrilled if you remembered us.

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