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The rise and rise of the Redcliffe renaissance is more remarkable than what could ever have
been predicted. What was once the number one destination for pre-war Brisbanites, is fast
becoming the place to be for the city’s younger residents.

Northern suburb families have always enjoyed the safety and charm of Redcliffe and her
coastal neighbours of Margate, Scarborough and Woody Point, here families live in
affordable homes close to the water’s edge, and never too far from a place to enjoy a late
afternoon cocktail or a weekend fish and chips.

On the map, Redcliffe will feature as a north Brisbane suburb, but in reality, Redcliffe should
be seen as a coastal village with a heart and personality of its own. Redcliffe Peninsula’s sixty thousand
plus residents are vibrant and outgoing, with more than two thirds born in Australia, and
the rest mostly from the UK and New Zealand, it is a mix that makes Redcliffe very appealing
to new home buyers.

As a lifestyle destination, Redcliffe hosts a series of family friendly events, from Kite
Festivals to Caravan Expos, Food Fairs to Firework Displays. Today’s Redcliffe is a vibrant
coastal suburb that serves as a gateway to Moreton Island, it is a destination for whale
watchers and a Mecca of sorts for Bee Gees fans.

After all, it is here in Redcliffe that the three brothers Gibb became known as the Bee Gees,
and it is here where they first rose to prominence as a musical group. It is also here that you
can experience the Bee Gees walk of fame.

Opened and curated by Barry Gibb, the Bee Gees tribute walkway is a place where locals
and tourists can have their photos taken with a statue of the band, see photos from their
disco heyday and simply enjoy a walk along the Redcliffe promenade.

Redcliffe’s revival is fuelled in many ways by the growing migrant population that is enjoying
affordable property prices in the North Lakes, Deception Bay and other surrounding areas.
You won’t need to take a long walk along the promenade to bump into families from South
Africa, England or New Zealand, and for many new arrivals, they simply cannot keep away
from Sutton’s Beach, the enticing restaurants on the strip and swimming at Settlement Cove
lagoon, Redcliffe’s answer to Brisbane’s South Bank.

If you have the sea at your doorstep, then you need to take advantage of everything she
offers, from the beautiful views, the late afternoon sea breeze, or spending time with the
family bathing at Settlement Cove or down by the beach.

Whatever you are looking for in a destination, you will most certainly find it on the Redcliffe
peninsula. This is prime real estate from the past, the now and the future. Buying a house in
Redcliffe is more than an investment in bricks and mortar, here you buy into a lifestyle, a
lifestyle of sun, sea and sand; living in a place you can call home.

When John Oxley first laid eyes on the area, and called it Red Cliff Point, he would never
have imagined how successful and populated the Redcliffe Peninsula would be, and for a
man with a chequered past, he would be very satisfied that a main thoroughfare still bears
his name.

So, if you’re planning on visiting Redcliffe for the day, or if you wish to buy property and
settle, there is more than enough to entertain you on the peninsula, from restaurants,
public services to tourist activities, live events and so much more. Redcliffe is not only the
heart of the peninsula, it is also the brain and face of what is surely one of Brisbane’s
hottest destinations.

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