• New Study Reveals 1 in 4 Renovations Go Over Budget

    11th October, 2018 | by John Beal
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    Renovating is an exciting time when you get to see your property dreams come to life. There’s no doubt about it, though, budgets, timelines and project managing can be a minefield. Let’s be real, despite best-laid plans, more often than not something tends to go off course in the renovation game. A study reveals that… Read more »

  • Can I Increase The Rent?

    3rd October, 2018 | by John Beal
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      It’s lease renewal time and things have been going smoothly with your current tenant. Your Property Manager calls to get your instructions about the lease renewal. This obviously gets you thinking about the current rental price. Can I ask for more rent? Has the rental market gone up? My loan repayments and rates don’t… Read more »

  • Is the Redcliffe Real Estate Market Going Up or Down?

    1st October, 2018 | by Billy
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    It’s a question every real estate agent gets each day. But when the owner of the coffee shop next door comes over saying everybody is asking him, is the Redcliffe real estate market going up or down, you know it’s on everyone’s mind! That’s exactly what happen to me last week. The coffee shop owner… Read more »

  • Investment Property Tax Tips: What You Can And Can’t Claim

    30th July, 2018 | by John Beal

    With the end of the financial year approaching, it’s important to maximise the legitimate tax deductions for your investment property. To do that, you need to understand what you can and can’t claim. Tax-Deductable expenses on investment properties can generally be grouped into 4 categories. Borrowing Expenses Property management costs Repairs and maintenance costs Depreciation… Read more »

  • JBRE Magazine May 2018

    28th May, 2018 | by John Beal


  • How To Attract the Right Tenants To Your Property

    21st May, 2018 | by John Beal

    Lets talk about maximising your rental return…. Finding a good tenant does not happen by accident, the right property attracts the right tenants.  Prospective tenants are the same as prospective buyers, they will be more attracted to a well-presented property.  The following features are the most sort after by tenants today: Whether it’s space for… Read more »

  • 2018 – New Year, New Technology

    22nd February, 2018 | by John Beal

    Is your property manager paying your rates, strata fees and water bills? At JBRE we have invested in barcode scanning technology to process your invoices more efficiently.  If we are not already paying your bills, it may be something to consider.  It’s a free service and one of the reasons you employ a property manager… Read more »

  • New ATO Clearance Certificates For Sales Above $750,000

    20th February, 2018 | by John Beal

    Any contracts entered into on or after the 1st of July 2017 nominating a sale price of $750, 000 or greater, will require the seller to obtain an ATO clearance certificate prior to settlement to prove they’re not a foreign resident. If the ATO Clearance certificate is not obtained by settlement then 12.5% of the… Read more »

  • JBRE Magazine November 2017

    20th February, 2018 | by John Beal
  • You Get What You Pay For – Why Price Matters

    5th October, 2017 | by John Beal

    One of the big mistakes I see investors making, is choosing their property manager on price.  Property management fees are an important consideration, but the difference between a  good and bad property manager is HUGE. Of course investors are looking for every competitive edge as they chase a return on their investments.  The price of… Read more »